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Our Packaging & Postage Boxes

Carey's packaging is both, beautiful and sustainable, two attributes that are very important to us! 

packaging box
Customers now have a packaging of our original signature box and our new logo embossed microfibre pouch to maintain and preserve your jewellery for as long as possible.


We also include a one-time free plating voucher, an affirmation card to empower you, a jewelry care card and a jewelry cleaning cloth to help maintain your jewelry stunning.

jewelry pouch 
Our gorgeous logo embossed fabric pouch has been designed as a super eco friendly option, and is ideal for transporting and storing your jewellery in a space saving fashion.

Our collections are always inspired by the world we live in, the nature, the night sky full of stars, the sunrise in the mornings...

Our mission is to maintain the magical beauty of all what surrounds us, so it is imperative to us that we protect our planet and work towards preserving its beauty for generations to come. 

We recommend storing all of your Carey pieces in their original packaging to maintain and preserve your jewellery for as long as possible.
For security (and secrecy!) our postage bags do not carry branding.  However, once you open it, the magic begins! Customers will discover a spellbinding cosmic printed design.  Made from 100% recycled materials, we recommend customers reuse or recycle their postage boxes.

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