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Carey has been my latest passion project for 2020. I proudly begun selling our pieces at the Clarksville Downtown Market in Clarksville, Tennessee in May 2020, and now wishing with all my heart to expand worldwide. 

Since I started my healing journey, I discovered how connected I was to my intuition, and started using my gifts to channel the art revealed from my memories, designing and choosing the gems that I feel called to work with.

I feel very grateful and honored to be the facilitator of the Universe to connect with you through the hidden wisdom inside every piece of gems.

Carey is the embodiment of pure love, and we are on the mission of tending to the sacred healing of the hidden wisdom in gems and crystals to bring balance to the Earth, and empower your journey with alchemy.

We are all made from stardust, we are all the YOUniverse, We Are All One.

My name is Juamy Castillo and I am the founder, facilitator, guide, visionary, dreamer, healer, photographer, manager, editor, creator, packager and everything behind Carey.

Always inspired by mother earth, the night sky full of stars, the sunrise in the mornings, my daughter's smile...

My vision is to help you connect, heal & awaken your manifestation journey.

Mother earth gifts us medicine everyday in every single way, gemstones are just part of her nurturing and loving gifts, like the river that reminds us of the blood running through our veins, the soil reminds us that we are the birthers of our future and evolution journey, the flowers reminds us we are all cyclical beings, birds sing their prayers to the air, the air reminds us our need to release and flow, and the relationship between the flowers and the bees connects all life together. Nature teaches us to listen and see in such a beautiful way.

I humbly invite you to wear our pieces and join me towards preserving unconditional love, healing, peace, wisdom, and always remembering the beauty of all what surrounds us for generations and lifes to come. 

Thank you for been here. I am so honored ❤️

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I work on my business everyday ❤️

If you have any questions, or concerns in regards to a product, your order, recommendations, or special ideas or needs, please feel free to CONTACT US, we will be happy to help. :)


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